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Here in Brisbane, one of the most popular beer companies is Castlemaine Perkins. They make a few different beers, XXXX Gold, XXXX Bitter and XXXX Summer (Pronounced Four X). Their main brewery was just down the street from the YHA we were staying at.

We were checking the website to do one of the brewery tours when we found out that it was their 10th anniversary of doing tours, so tours were now only $10 per person (down from $26). We booked instantly. It didn’t take long to convince a few of our friends from the YHA to book along with us.

The Brewery

The Brewery

The tour was fairly interesting, we learned about the history of the company, saw the giant vats where the beer is created, and saw the conveyer belts where the beers are bottled, put in cases and shipped from. We were not allowed cameras in the tour…

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