How enrollment periods can affect Medicare Supplement plans eligibility?

Enrolling in Medicare supplement plans during the Open Enrollment period is the best time. This is because this is the time that that begins when you attain 65 years and have enrolled with Part B Medicare. It also stays alive for six months. It means you can get the Medicare supplement plans available from your 65th birthday month to another six months. This is the best time as you can get enrolled despite health issues. The insurance company does not charge more, even if there are health problems and they also cannot deny you coverage. The guaranteed issue rights are the special protections in this period.


A Medicare supplement insurance company does not reject the enrolment based on health reasons. In fact, the company cannot make you wait also for a period of six months before the pre-existing conditions coverage. After the waiting period of six months, the pre-existing conditions will be covered by the plan. This waiting period does not apply if you enroll during Open Enrollment Period as Medicare Supplement plans.

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Once the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period gets completed, you can apply anytime for a Medigap, but in case it is applied without guaranteed-issue rights, there is possibility that the insurance company undergo medical underwriting. In such conditions the charge may be higher in case there are health problems and there is no assurance of getting a plan cover. Though, there are exceptions, for instance, Medicare supplement insurance company misleads or goes bankrupt, you have to change the plans of Medicare Supplement with guaranteed issue.

Am I Medicare Supplement plans eligible under age 65?

As per the Federal law less than 65 years are not given Medicare supplement plans, but some states do fulfill this requirement. You may check in your state, your area about the availability of your rules on Medigap Plans.


Individuals under 65 having Original Medicare due to a disability, end-stage renal disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), may have a Medicare Supplement policy and this is the decision of the state. However, depending on the place you live, you may not buy the policy you need or any Medigap plan until turning 65. Thus the best time to get enrolled is during the Open Enrolment period with Medicare supplement plans as it has guaranteed issue rights.


If companies sell the same Medicare Supplement Plans even to less than 65 years people, such companies may be charging more or may deny coverage for the pre-existing conditions. Thus, check before indulging in a purchase.