Nissan 350z headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Nissan is one of the leading and oldest car manufacturers in the world. Having the plants in 20 countries on all five continents, the company sells nearly three million vehicles in 170 countries each year.

Nissan 350z headlights

Before buying a car a man goes through, roughly speaking, three stages leading to the fulfillment of a dream. The first one - what car should you buy? The second one - where should you buy it? And the third one – what will be the price of the ownership of this car (service, parts, etc.)? After painstakingly examining all the nuances relating to this purchase, and making final decision, a man takes the money and carries them to the dealership, where his dream will be realized by courteous and very polite managers after a couple of weeks (maybe months), with congratulations and presenting of the awaited car. Many current owners of cars have bought them exactly in such a way. Except for those men who don’t choose cars but simply change the "old" car for a more fashionable one following the fashion trends and not looking at the price. But this is clearly not for sport cars. You should be sick about these cars. As a rule, they are the same in the sharpness control, suspension stiffness, high-torque motor and, of course, all sports cars have spectacular appearance. What should you choose? It seems that tastes differ and everyone picks the one which is more beautiful to their taste. The determining factors here are emotions, which play role in buying these machines, and, of course, the presence of a certain amount of money.

The powerful engine of Nissan 350Z, exaggerated wheel arches, a massive front bumper, narrow Windows, sharp lines of the LED headlights, a pair of chrome exhaust pipes, exclusive color, and the sign of the Z like it was left by Zorro on the wing of 350Z, - all this can excite the mind of even people who are not crazy about sport cars.

Nissan 350z LED headlights, LED DRL FITS 06-08.

Nissan 350z LED headlights

Nissan 350Z is a car for active people. This confirms a powerful 3.5 liter engine. If you give gas at 350Z, it will mean that you will flee with furious acceleration, polishing the tyres on the asphalt. It is just power! But the Nissan 350Z is still comfortable sport coupe. Its suspension does not shake your soul and crush your teeth. Excellent handling gives you the feeling of full control over a powerful car, and 280 horsepower under the bonnet give confidence on the road.

Nissan 350z HID headlights, for 2003-2005 350Z VQ35 FACTORY D2R HID Black Projector.

Nissan 350z HID headlights

As for the lighting of Nissan 350Z, there's also all right. The design HID headlights have become more predatory and it gives the car an even more stylish look.