Nissan Maxima headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Nissan Maxima headlights

Nissan Maxima is a sedan of a full-sized class. The first car bearing the name "Maxima" (code G910) was shown in 1980. It was the second generation of Datsun 810. This generation was not produced in Japan, only in North America. The car has a voice system that is the future technology for that time.

In 1981 the car got a new name of Datsun Maxima, and in 1984 its name became Nissan Maxima.

In autumn 1984 it was shown the front-drive Maxima of the second generation. It was based on Nissan Bluebird U11.


V6 VG30E 3.0 (117 kW (157 HP)).


5 speed mechanical
4 speed automatic

Maxima (A34) of the sixth generation was sold only in the USA, Canada and Mexico. In 2007 it was model; Maxima became available with a CVT transmission Xitronic and Nissan Maxima headlights. This generation of Maxim' was attributed to full-sized cars. In 2015 it was launched the sales of Nissan Maxima of the eighth generation with A36 code. The car was presented in China with such engines: VQ35DE (224 kW (300 HP)).

Nissan Maxima LED headlights, OEM Factory LED 2016 2017.

Nissan Maxima LED headlights

Headlights of Nissan Maxima are key node, as according to statistics up to half of the accidents at night, in bad weather, is due to problems of lighting. The quality of work and their life is dependent on driver and conditions. You are able to use these headlights for 5-6 years without troubles, though it may require polishing and replacement of lamps or the dimensions.

Nissan Maxima HID headlights, CHROME BEZEL XENON.

Nissan Maxima HID headlights

We've all heard about the risks associated with buying of non-original parts. True, the market is full of fakes but often aftermarket headlights of Nissan Maxima turn out to be not worse than the "native" ones. There may not be a great difference in quality because automakers buy optics for Nissan Maxima from Taiwanese and Chinese firms.

Proper adjustment, polishing, cleaning, changing bulbs in the LED headlights of Nissan Maxima will make the lighting much better. Most often tuning is produced for the sake of "beauty", more individuality of Nissan Maxima.

It is necessary to remember about the compatibility of new lamps with electrical system of Nissan Maxima. For example led headlights of Nissan Maxima are sensitive to fluctuations in the on-board voltage and often burn without control blocks. If one bulb is burned you will need to change the whole module. Of course, some specialists are trying to resolder all the components, but it is not the fact that the headlight will work correctly.

Normal reflex optics of Nissan Maxima is advantageous to be changed to a projector optics (with lenses), its advantages:

  • Efficiency of light is used more efficiently;
  • Good illumination of the road and roadside;
  • Uniform light output, there are no dark spots;
  • Clear boundary of the beam, without blur.

Projector headlights for Nissan Maxima are installed with halogen or xenon. By the way, you can avoid problems with the law, if you install and adjust Xenon in the car service or with the help of experienced mechanics.

Why do the headlights sweat? The case of the optics of the Nissan Maxima is closed; during the heat of the bulb the pressure increases and the valves are installed to compensate it. At night (especially in wet weather) cold, wet air penetrates inside, so the condensate drops.

The booking of the headlamps of Nissan Maxima. Regarding the protective film, there is no consensus; some people prefer to do with "glasses" and caps or without protection at.

Disadvantages of protective film on the headlights of the Nissan Maxima:

  • High price;
  • It diffuses light, prevents the focusing;
  • It thickens quickly.

The pros of protective film on the HID headlights of Nissan Maxima:

  • It reduces the impact from stones, distributing it on the surface;
  • It saves the optics from sandblasting and scratches;
  • It is more suitable for riding outside the city, where there are a lot of sand and gravel;
  • It is hard to do yourself, you require a strong glue, you have only one shot and it is not easy to clean a defect.

Masters and experienced motorists believe that armor is only good for glass headlights. It is necessary to remove the headlamp of Nissan Maxima for work, you need to cut the film precisely, so there is less than 1 mm before the junction of the glass and the corpus. It is more convenient to order this "armor" on the optics of the Nissan Maxima in the service center.