Nissan Maxima headlights assembly.

Nissan Maxima headlights

Nissan Maxima is a sedan of a full-sized class. The first car bearing the name "Maxima" (code G910) was shown in 1980. It was the second generation of Datsun 810. This generation was not produced in Japan, only in North America. The car has a voice system that is the future technology for that time.

In 1981 the car got a new name of Datsun Maxima, and in 1984 its name became Nissan Maxima.

In autumn 1984 it was shown the front-drive Maxima of the second generation. It was based on Nissan Bluebird U11.


V6 VG30E 3.0 (117 kW (157 HP)).


5 speed mechanical
4 speed automatic

Maxima (A34) of the sixth generation was sold only in the USA, Canada and Mexico. In 2007 it was model; Maxima became available with a CVT transmission Xitronic and Nissan Maxima headlights. This generation of Maxim' was attributed to full-sized cars. In 2015 it was launched the sales of Nissan Maxima of the eighth generation with A36 code. The car was presented in China with such engines: VQ35DE (224 kW (300 HP)).