Nissan Rogue headlights assembly.

Nissan Rogue headlights

Nissan Rogue is a compact SUV crossover that debuted in October 2007. It started to produce in 2008 by Nissan. Rogue was supplied in two versions: S, SV (this option became available after 2011) an SL.

“S” type is the base version that has the abs; air conditioning; cruise control; power windows; locks and mirrors; automatic and AM/FM/CD stereo with 4 speakers and auxiliary Jack.

“SL” type is an improved modification of the Rogue. In 2014 Rogue of the first generation continued producing under the name of Nissan Rogue Select.

In 2009 Nissan introduced a sporty version of Rogue: Rogue "Krom" Edition It differs from the normal version by such parameters: it has a more sporty look with Nissan Rogue headlights; 17 inch alloy wheels, special exhaust system with the muffler located in the middle.

In addition to the Rogue version it is also available Krom Nissan Cube. In 2014 Rogue the first generation again went on sale under the name Rogue Select. It was produced in Japan.