Nissan Titan headlights assembly.

Nissan Titan headlights

The full-sized Titan pickup truck was released on sale in late 2003. It is gathered at the New Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, and the engines - at the engine plant in Deharde, Tennessee.

The body of the car is very spacious, although in comparison with other vehicles of this class it is shorter. But, despite this, the Nissan Titan interior, in comparison with other pickup trucks, offers a really wide scope. The key parameters of the “Japanese” is more “titanic” than of the living legend and best-selling American Ford F-150 pickup building with Nissan Titan headlights — for example, power and high-torque motor, the maximum towing capacity. And that is very important for “traction” machines, Titan is steeper than many other cars in transmission sophistication — it has 5-speed automatic transmission instead of the usual 4 speed one.

Nissan Titan is built on an entirely new platform. The car is equipped with a large even for American standards the 5.6-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder DOHC engine: 300 HP and huge torque — 510 Nm. The motor has eloquent name “Endurance”. Due to this Titan can haul on the hook for 4.3 ton trailer.