Nissan Titan headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Nissan Titan headlights

The full-sized Titan pickup truck was released on sale in late 2003. It is gathered at the New Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, and the engines - at the engine plant in Deharde, Tennessee.

The body of the car is very spacious, although in comparison with other vehicles of this class it is shorter. But, despite this, the Nissan Titan interior, in comparison with other pickup trucks, offers a really wide scope. The key parameters of the “Japanese” is more “titanic” than of the living legend and best-selling American Ford F-150 pickup building with Nissan Titan headlights — for example, power and high-torque motor, the maximum towing capacity. And that is very important for “traction” machines, Titan is steeper than many other cars in transmission sophistication — it has 5-speed automatic transmission instead of the usual 4 speed one.

Nissan Titan is built on an entirely new platform. The car is equipped with a large even for American standards the 5.6-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder DOHC engine: 300 HP and huge torque — 510 Nm. The motor has eloquent name “Endurance”. Due to this Titan can haul on the hook for 4.3 ton trailer.

Nissan Titan LED headlights, LED Halo Projector Headlights Black For 2004-2015.

Nissan Titan LED headlights

Headlights for Nissan TITAN have a light source, reflector, lens and housing. Adjustable or switchable lamps are usually used as a light source. As a rule, incandescent lamps of Nissan Titan have two threads: the thread of high power ensures a high beam; the thread of low power filament provides a dipped beam.

Many vehicles have Nissan TITAN fog lights. Some cars of Nissan Titan have headlight-seekers that can rotate in different directions. To date, headlights usually have types of lamps, which give much more light and much longer it will last. Great popularity among car manufacturers of Nissan Titan has headlights, which uses HID headlights as a light source.

Nissan Titan HID headlights, 04-15 BLACK 8000K HID KIT.

Nissan Titan HID headlights

To date, the factor of installation of led headlamp technology is brought to an absolute in the matrix lamp. Here the driver can change and adjust the needs of the traffic situation of the individual diode under themselves. Such dot matrix LED headlights can individually adapt to any challenging environment with good visibility.

Led headlamps appeared ten years ago. Led headlights on cars are becoming more popular due to the fact that they have virtually no flaws. They consume negligible amount of electricity, their resource several times may exceed the lifespan of other headlights; the resource exploitation of such lamps is from five thousand hours or more in compliance with the temperature regime. The only, but significant drawback is the high cost. In today's demanding market headlights in general are not cheap and are close to the cost of laser headlights; the price of led lights is sometimes the same as the price of a whole car, maybe a second-hand one. On the other hand, the lamp with proper maintenance can serve many years and never remind about itself remind that can ultimately result in solid savings.

To date, the problem with the lack of light is resolved through technological innovation, and the price will gradually decline under the pressure of demand and falling prices for materials. Perhaps in the near future, most cars will be equipped with led headlights. But, for objective reasons, the basis of the market is xenon and halogen lights.