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Coronation Street, Part VI

Coronation Street fans were treated to not only the first live episode in ten years (more about that later) but the first ever crossover with EastEnders. Mini-crossover would be a better term for it. The said production was only 15-minutes… Read More ›

Coronation Street, Part V

December 8, 2000 was a very important date in the history of Coronation Street. It was on this date that the British soap opera celebrated its fortieth year. It seems somehow fitting to remind readers that a certain Ken Iriwin,… Read More ›

Coronation Street, Part III

Twenty years of Coronation Street.  This, by any standards, is an incredible achievement. Especially considering a certain; namely, Ken Iriwin predicted the soap opera would not last a month. The 1980s saw the departure of many of Coronation Street‘s original characters. The characters… Read More ›

Coronation Street, Part II

The 1970s had arrived. Coronation Street, now entering its second decade, is arguably Britain’s favourite television soap opera. Coronation Street’s production team severely tested. The 1970s was to the the soap opera’s shibboleth. Many of Coronation Street’s core talent had decided to… Read More ›

Coronation Street, Part I

As of September 17 2010, with American soap opera As the World Turns coming to an end, Coronation Street became the world’s longest running television soap opera. Set in Weatherfield, a fictional town in Greater Manchester, Coronation Street is one Britain’s most loved television series…. Read More ›