Time to Apply for Medicare Advantage Plans Coverage

Purchasing Medicare advantage plans is considered right during the open enrolment period. This is the time that starts on the month first day as you turn 65 years and is enrolled in Part B Medicare. It also lasts for a period of 6 months. The right enrolling time as it is the Guaranteed Issue Period.


  • An insurance company may not consider any health exam.
  • The insurance company cannot deny selling Medicare advantage plans.
  • An insurance company does not charge for any Medigap policy more even if one has health problems. Thus, this is important for people with crucial health conditions.
  • An insurance company cannot unnecessarily delay in the coverage to initiate or also consider charging higher premium amount, despite your pre-existing health conditions. However, this facility can be enjoyed only on buying Medicare advantage plans within the open enrolment period or the guaranteed issue period. However, in many cases there is a waiting period of pre-existing conditions offered as coverage and this is not an issue typically with Medicare advantage coverage.
  • Accepting a Medigap plan and making payments of the premium regularly means your carrier will renew automatically your plan. Thus, it is beneficial for people having pre-existing or adverse health conditions.


There is Open Enrollment annual periods that allows buying new Medigap plans or even changing the existing Medigap plan.


In case it is your 65th birthday and you are away even during the Annual open enrolment period, then also you may apply for the coverage of Medicap, for specific guaranteed issue rights, premium rate and acceptance that cannot be assured. For instance, if you do not apply in the open enrolment period, you may have to face the underwriting requirements, where an insurance company may deny selling the Medicare Advantage plans policies.


Medicare Advantage Insurance Application is located hereĀ https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

Despite, the time of year, it is in the best of the interest to ensure you have the best Medigap policy available. All you have to do is contact a Medicare Advantageal Insurance specialist to ascertain you are getting the right coverage amount of at the best available rate.


You may enter the zip code and see the providers of Medicare advantage plans providers in your area. The prices for a plan may vary with each provider and so get 3-4 quotes from the top Medigap providers from the country so that you are assured of quality coverage for now and the future.