What more you must know before purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans G?

Enrolled in Plan G Medicare Supplement  means you may have to pay for Part B Medicare deductible as outpatient services that includes diagnostic radiology and lab, doctor visits, durable medical equipment, therapies, and medical supplies Medicare-covered, prior to plan G begins paying for the covered services. The Part B Medicare in 2018 is $183 as annual deductible.


Plan G of Medicare Supplement has a lower premium than Plan F of Medicare Supplement and this covers generally the services are covered by Plan G in Medicare supplement plan and in Part B as deductible. Bear in mind the premium costs that vary among the plans.


Bear in mind, Part B Medicare should not be confused with Plan B Medicare supplement as it covers 100% preventive care services. It means you have to pay for Part B deductible prior to receiving the Medicare Part B benefits as coverage for the services such as the flu annual shot, annual wellness or some preventive cancer screenings.


After the Part B deductible is paid, the Plan G in Medicare Supplement plans pay all the expenses remaining for outpatient diagnostic treatments and services that is Medicare-covered. Typically, Medicare pays the outpatients costs as 80% and Medicare Supplement Plan G may pay other 20%.


Availability:  The Medicare supplement plans provided by the insurance companies may or may not offer all the standard benefit plans. You may see if Plan G of Medicare supplement is available in the place you live. The simple way of checking is to enter the zip code of your state and compare the plans offered by Medicare supplement plans.


CostThe Medicare Supplement plans provide regular benefit packages and that is set, while the insurance companies set individual monthly premiums, that you may compare prices taking into consideration the plans.


Enrollment:  The best time for a Medicare Supplement plan to apply is during the six-month enrolment period of Medicare Supplement plans that begins the day you get enrolled in both, Medicare Part B and also attain the age 65 or older.  The insurance companies now do not deny offering you the coverage and do not charge in excess based on your health status (although you may have to experience a waiting period before the starting of health condition coverage). In case you delay in buying a Medicare Supplement plan during this period, you may be subjected to medical underwriting. If so, you might not be able to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan or have to pay a little more for the coverage.